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About Us

What We Do
NorCal Bully Breed Rescue is a foster-based rescue located in the Sacramento, California area. 

We do not have a facility that we operate out of, meaning our dogs are not kept in a shelter-type environment. 
Rather, our dogs reside in loving foster homes which provide them with the love, patience, and understanding required to allow them to become the very best that they can be. 
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We specialize in pulling dogs from local shelters who would otherwise be considered “unadoptable”, for any variety of reasons:
  • They may have sustained a major medical injury that needs immediate medical attention that the shelter is unable to provide. 
  • They may be a pregnant mama dog that can’t be adopted out and just needs a safe place to have her pups. 
  • Or they may just be fearful and not showing well in a shelter environment. 
  • These dogs just need a loving foster home to allow them to shine and show their true potential!
Our ability to save these dogs is based entirely on donations from our amazing supporters, and on volunteer foster parents who open their hearts and homes to these dogs during their most desperate times.  
We allow them to show their true personality at whatever speed is needed for that particular dog. We don’t rush them. And we don’t force them to interact with other animals until they are ready. 
This allows us to get a true read on each of our dogs. To discover their likes and dislikes. To find out who and what they are compatible with. And to find them the best forever home for their specific personality. 
Unfortunately we are not able to take owner surrenders. The only time an exception can be made is with newborn cleft palate/cleft lip pups or newborn puppies with birth defects. 
The only other time we are able to take an owner surrender is if the dog is already spayed or neutered, up to date on shots, dog friendly, and a $5,000 donation is made to cover 1-2 months of boarding. Since we have no open foster homes and that’s likely how long it will take to get to know your dog, then find it a wonderful forever home. Please email us for more information on this service. 
We’ve also created this video to explain how to safely re-home a dog, and also explain our role as a rescue in rehoming dogs. And why we can’t just take everyone’s unwanted or unneeded dog. 
We hope you take the time to watch it. There’s a ton of useful information in it. 
Owner Surrenders
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