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I'm a bulldog mix.
What is your name?

I’m Gigi

Are you a girl or a boy?

I’m a girl!

How old are you?

Im about 2 yrs old.

What breed are you?

I'm a bulldog mix.

How much do you weigh?

26 pounds of cuteness.

Do you like cats?

No thanks, I’ll pass.

What do you like to eat?

I like to eat everything! I eat my kibble and I love treats. I love fruits and vegetables too!

Describe your perfect day:

My perfect day is spent with you! I wake up, do a big stretch and immediately want to have breakfast. I run right into the kitchen even before I have gone potty. I then go potty and have a short walk outside. I like to go on walks but not too far since my legs are so short. I love going for car rides more then walks so a car ride somewhere would make me really happy. Then home to relax and take a nap. I love to lay on you or sit on your lap while you are on the couch. I then would love to play with some toys, maybe tug on a rope. After play time, I am usually asleep and snoring by 8pm.

Do you know any tricks?

I know how to sit, leave it, and go to my “spot”. I am still working on some other training commands.

Have you been around children? Do you like them?

I have been around older children and I love them very much. No children under 13 please. I can be rough and mouthy when playing with toys. Also, sometimes when I do my zoomies I get a little crazy and will pounce on you. This would not be good for a small child.

How do you feel about other dogs?

I need to be an only dog. I am queen of my castle!
All the love is mine!

How is your health?

My health is great!

Where do you hang out when you are home alone?

I stay in my crate when I am home alone. Nobody wants me chewing a shoe ok?

Are you house trained? (Meaning do you go potty outside)

I am housetrained.

What do you love about your foster family?

They give me so much love and attention. I am not sure if I ever had that much love before. They make me a part of everything and I feel so special. And of course they give me treats and toys to play with!!

What is your adoption fee?


Do you like walking on a leash?

I do like walking on a leash but I don’t like walking very far. My legs are very short!

Do you like water?

I tolerate it for my bath and I will go outside to potty in the rain but it is not my favorite. I am heavy and have very short legs so I probably wouldn’t be able to swim. No pools please!

What kind of personality do you have?

If I were a sauce I would be Siracha. I am spicy and oh so sweet! I can be pushy, but I am learning commands like sit, stay, leave it, and also where my “spot” is. I am very trainable!
I have no knowledge of personal space. I am very happy and social. I love people and absolutely love to cuddle! I am playful but also lazy and love to lay on your lap and nap while you are watching TV. Sometimes at night I get really feisty and do zoomies and will try to pounce on you, almost like I am a cat! When this happens, a toy will distract me and keep me busy. Want to play tug??

What is your favorite toy?

I love Kong toys filled with treats or Benebone or Nylabone. I love playing tug with rope toys. Playing tug is my absolute favorite game.

What was your life like before being brought into NorCal Bully Breed Rescue?

I was found as a stray and ended up in the shelter. No one came for me. That’s all in the past now…..

What scares you?

Sometimes loud noises if I hear them when I am out walking.

What do you look like?

I am petite and stocky with short legs, gray and white fur, and a little crooked nubby tail.

If you could be anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Right next to you! And also in the car would be great! I love car rides.

Who do you live with your foster home and who is your closest companion?

I live with my foster mom and her teen daughter. I think I like my foster mom the best because she feeds me and I am a total foodie!

I'm a bulldog mix.
I'm a bulldog mix.
I'm a bulldog mix.
I'm a bulldog mix.
Heading 5

At this time we are asking for adopters to be in the Sacramento and IMMEDIATE surrounding areas.(Sacramento County, parts of Placer County and parts of ElDorado County)

For more information on what that means and why that is, please click on the following link:

Thank you so much in advance!!

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